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Chiropractor in Greenville, South Carolina

Canine Chiropractic

Unlock Your Performance Animal's Full Potential with Dr. Carolyn Longacre

Are your animals performing at their best?

Unlock their full potential while enhancing their well-being and vitality!

We offer a variety of services for our dog patients and find that diagnostics aren’t always as important as getting your pet healthy and on the right track once again.   Canine Chiropractic is the basis for our wellness plans.  The Central Nervous System controls everything in the body.  


We will usually start with a Canine Chiropractic exam and adjustment, branching into other modalities in the more complicated cases.   Referral for drugs and surgery are always the last resort unless necessary.

To be healthy it is essential that the nervous system function properly and free from any interference caused by subluxations. Subluxations can cause interference to the nervous system at any point along the spine where the nerves exit. This can adversely affect the function of various parts of your animal’s body, and ultimately its health. 

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